Sunday, August 7, 2016

2016 Election Update:  No Trump Supporter Friends for Me!

I have determined that any one of my friends who supports Trump can no longer be my friend.  It is very fundamental.  Trump is, I am convinced, clinically and definitionally deranged.  Words come out of his mouth like a tossed salad with no syntactical connection.  It would be impossible to diagram one of his sentences.  His mind is free floating mush.  He has no defining morality.  He is incurious and does read books, newspapers or white papers.  He watches the "shows" and listens to his own prodigious mind for insight on the issues facing our nation and our world.  His election to the presidency would be a disaster domestically and internationally.  He draws support from a significant part of the American population.  Keep in mind that 50% of the population has an IQ of less than 100.  That is not a very encouraging thought.  Long term loyal Republicans are trapped by party orthodoxy.  You must always support your party.  They must be agonizing over the dilemma Trump creates for them.

As a long term Democrat I can say that I am not thrilled by Hillary Clinton.  I will vote for her and be very happy to do so in the current context.  I had wanted Joe Biden to run because Joe is authentic and qualified.  Yes, he can say some ridiculous things but he is a solid and diligent politician.  I have suffered Hillary fatigue.  I have felt that fatigue largely because the Clinton's have been around for a generation and I am simply tired of them.  I do believe Hillary is very qualified to be president.  And I do not believe that she is a liar or dishonest.  She has been attacked for the past 20 plus years by the right wing attack machine.  I pay that no mind.  Whitewater etc are all so much bullshit.  Hillary will make a very good president and will keep the country on an even keel.  Most important, her appointments to the Supreme Court will be qualified candidates.  They will not be right wing ideologues in the same vein as Scalia, Thomas or Alito.  Praise the Lord for that result.

So...tell me you are voting for Trump and you and I are done forever.  Farewell will be my last words to you.

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